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Welcome to Fuse!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

We are proud to announce that Vera Causa Opera is now Fuse.

Fuse is a new and improved non-profit dedicated to making the arts more accessible in both Waterloo Region and beyond. We collaborate with artists of all mediums to open doors to opportunity. We also champion diversity and innovation in the arts, addressing stigmas and actively educating folks within our communities.

Fuse is a one-of-a-kind collective connecting the community. We focus on sparking an inter-arts revolution fueled by young volunteerism that breaks down barriers, empowers artists, and provides opportunities. Fuse is what we all need as a community right now – a platform to strengthen and unite our community through creativity.

What can you expect from Fuse? Fuse takes what Vera Causa Opera created and transforms it into a robust and multi-discipline organization where all are welcome. Get ready for...

  • More content than ever before

  • A true inter-arts experience

  • Increased opportunities for local artists

  • Expansion of accessible digital content

  • Highlights of art in our community

  • A larger team full of art-impassioned folks

  • More inclusivity for all artists

We have a lot of phenomenal inter-arts opportunities coming up - stay tuned for more! We hope you join us on this new adventure with Fuse!


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