Our Mission

Fuse is dedicated to making the arts more accessible in our local and global communities through the collaborative creation and presentation of art. Our goals are to innovate the arts through modern technologies, educate our local and global communities through diverse programs, and actively identify and address stigmas in the arts. 

Our Vision

Fuse brings artists, community members, and businesses together as a collective to break down the barriers around creating, sharing, and experiencing art.


Our Values



Increase accessibility of programs and content



A fresh and innovative organization with a community-focused collective



Inclusive, diverse, and people-focused space

What sets us apart

Building on the inclusive foundations of our opera program, Fuse is an inter-arts revolution fueled by young volunteerism.  


Fuse is a one-of-a-kind collective connecting our communities with art.


We’re all about sparking a movement in the arts that breaks down barriers, elevates artists, and provides opportunities.  


Fuse responds to the community's need for connection and art by bringing us together physically and digitally to participate in and support arts.


Fuse is the place for anyone and everyone to discover the arts.  

Meet the team

Breanna Lalonde

Head of Marketing

Emma Valee

Content Writer

Shalayna Trelford-Ladd.jpeg
Breanna Lalonde.jpeg
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Bree Horton

Crew Coordinator

Danny Rodrigues.jpg

Danny Rodrigues

Social Media Coordinator

Shalayna Trelford-Ladd

Content Writer

Alex Gage.png

Alex Gage

Venue Coordinator

Autum McDougald-Ashby.jpg

Autum McDougald-Ashby

Junior Designer

Billy Bao.JPG

Billy Bao


Debra Langan.jpg

Debra Langan


Dhara Chauhan.jpg

Dhara Chauhan

Merchandise Coordinator

Dylan Langan.jpg

Dylan Langan

Executive Director

Emma Verdonk.jpg

Emma Verdonk

Educator Suite Coordinator

Gorika Mehta.jpeg

Gorika Mehta

Outreach Coordinator

Emma Valee.JPG
James Chapeskie.jpg

James Chapeskie

Video Coordinator

James Mitchell.png

James Mitchell


Jorge Trabanco.JPG

Jorge Trabanco

Symmetry Program Coordinator

Rachel Arseneau.jpg

Rachel Arseneau

Crew Coordinator

Rebecca Chapeskie.jpg

Rebecca Chapeskie

Senior Crew Coordinator

Roland Kessler.jpg

Roland Kessler

Head of Education

Komal Iftikhar Rana.jpeg

Komal Iftikhar Rana

Internal Communications Coordinator

Lovekirandeep Kaur.png

Lovekirandeep Kaur

Media Relations Coordinator

Nansee Hughes.jpeg

Nansee Hughes

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Safa Al-Sammarraie.jpg

Safa Al-Sammarraie

Internal Communications Designer

Samantha Nemec.jpg

Samantha Nemec

Content Writer

Tahnee H.JPG

Tahnee Hipel

Marketing Strategist

Zach Daza.jpg

Zach Daza

Head of Programming

Board of Directors

Olga Petcherkina.jpg

Olga Petcherkina

Director at Large


Alar Korgemets

Director at Large


Jessica Massard

Director at Large

vco Maria.jpg

Maria Minutillo

Director at Large

VCO Josh.jpg

Josh Geddis

Vice Chair

vco Paul.jpg

Paul Langan



Help Fuse support local artists through our inclusive multi-arts programming.