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One Year as Fuse – A Year in Review

One year ago, we became Fuse!

Building on the foundations of what Vera Causa Opera, our prior identity, stood for, Fuse was our way of growing and doing more to support the arts in our community.

A Message from Dylan – Our Executive Director!

It’s hard to believe how fast time flies! In our first year as Fuse, we enjoyed a variety of new programming with members of the community, creating space for everyone to try new art forms. We couldn’t have done that without our awesome Fuse Team and Fuse Crew! I am so proud of all our volunteers for making what we do both cool and possible. Even though our programming is currently on-hold, restrictions in our community continue to improve and we can't wait to bring back some seriously fun events in the coming months! Dylan

Our Journey Over the Past Year

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic challenged many local organizations. Throughout the past year, we had to navigate ever-changing health regulations that affected our programming. Time and time again we’ve had to cancel and reschedule events. While this was definitely a bummer, we’re glad we could do our part to keep everyone safe.

As restrictions eased in the Summer of 2021, we were able to host our first event as Fuse – Speak! a poetry night! In October, we hosted our second event - a Learn to Dance night. Both events were a ton of fun, and we are so grateful that we had a chance to connect with folks in our community. We’re hopeful that our next year as Fuse will bring us the opportunity to host more events!

We also grew by expanding our options for attending Fuse events. We acquired sufficient equipment to make live-streaming possible and had our first hybrid event, Speak!, in September. It was a success, and we now have the equipment and experience to ensure a smooth livestreaming experience at all future events.

Part of Fuse’s vision is to "bring artists, community members, and businesses together as a collective to break down the barriers around creating, sharing, and experiencing art”. We continued this past year by forging new relationships. Our volunteers were busy connecting with folks and spreading the news about Fuse! These local connections are something we will continue building in the future, in hopes of further breaking down barriers in the inter-arts through supportive partnerships.

On behalf of the entire Fuse team, thank you for your support over the past year. We can’t wait to see what our next year brings us!


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