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Meet the Team: Shalayna Trelford-Ladd

At Fuse, we strive to connect and share the arts with everyone. One way we do that is through our written content. We sat down with Shalayna, one of our Content Writers here at Fuse! She has been a part of the team since December, and we are grateful to have her on the team with us. Keep reading to find out more about Shalayna’s journey here at Fuse.


Tell us about yourself!

Hello! I’m Shalayna, and I’m a Public Relations professional. I love to read, write and play golf. I also enjoy volunteering and lending a helping hand. I love to speak in movie quotes and song lyrics and burst into spontaneous concert moments daily—you know the one singing into her hairbrush? Yup, that’s me!

Talk about your role and what you do at Fuse. 

I’m a Content Writer here at Fuse! I contribute to the emails and blogs that we share with the community, but what I really do is try to convey the spirit and story of Fuse, the Team and the Crew!

Tell us a little bit about your Fuse arts journey! How did you end up at Fuse?  

I actually finished my degree with one of the Fuse Team members and she introduced me to Fuse...the rest is history!

What was it about Fuse that made you want to be a part of it? 

I have always felt a special connection with the arts. For as long as I can remember I have been interested in and participating in the arts— from band in elementary school, to writing stories in my free time, to musical theatre in high school and my general love of dancing and singing wherever I go. The arts are a big part of my life and something that I love to share with friends and family. The more I learned about Fuse and what they do to share the arts and make them accessible to the community was something that I really connected with and made me want to be a part of as that is what makes me love the arts!

What is your main arts discipline and how long have you been a part of it? 

I have done a little bit of everything! When I was young, I was in dance classes, then I moved to band, and from there into drama and musical theatre! In my free time, I also love to write, draw and paint! Singing and dancing is also a daily occurrence for me—so the arts are incorporated in my life always!

What has been your favourite memory/experience with Fus


My favourite experience so far has been getting to know the Team and learning more about everyone. As a virtual team member, connecting can be hard, but the Team has been so open and friendly.

What are three words to describe Fuse? 

Culture, collaboration and creativity!

What is your favourite part about working behind-the-sc


Being able to work and collaborate with so many amazing and creative people that have a passion for the arts like I do! I also enjoy being able to showcase the amazing talents of the rest of the Team and show the community just how great Fuse is!

Which aspect of the transition to Fuse do you find the most exciting?

I find it really exciting that Fuse is expanding and embracing more of the arts! The arts are meant to be a collaborative experience and something that anyone can participate in. By growing and expanding our focus we are creating more opportunities and making the arts more inclusive and collaborative.

What do you want the community to know about Fuse? 

That we are community driven and here to bring you as many experiences and opportunities as we can so you can enjoy the arts as much as we do! I hope that through my work here at Fuse I can show the community that the arts are for everyone! You don’t have to be the most creative and experienced person to have fun and enjoy the arts—and the community and connections you can make are something that will stick with you forever.

What about the inter-arts are you most passionate about?

I think it's the collaboration, inclusivity and overall sense of openness for me! It allows people from all walks of life to come together to express themselves and break down barriers.

What are some ways you think the inter-arts positively affects our


It provides people with connections and a way to communicate their life experiences. It also encourages people to question and explore the world around them and works as another way to communicate with people.


It’s people like Shalayna that make it possible to share with you all the wonderful things we do here at Fuse! We’re so grateful to Shalayna and the rest of our Team for all the work that they do. Interested in joining the Fuse Team? Click here to find out more!


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