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Meet Fuse!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Along our journey from Vera Causa Opera to Fuse, we’ve added some new faces to our team! At this time last year (March 2020) we had four team members – we’ve now grown to over 25 members! All of Fuse’s team members are volunteers that are passionate about the arts. Fuse has created five new departments including:

  • Arts

  • Education

  • Marketing

  • Community Engagement

  • Administration, Research & Development

Each volunteer in every department brings unique skill sets to our organization, helping to further our goal of making arts more accessible to all!

Let’s take a moment to meet the folks that make Fuse tick!

Alex Wright

Director, Education

"I own more books than I do clothes!"

Ashley Dobson

Director, AARDvark

"I play in two dungeons and dragons campaigns on the weekends!"

Autum McDougald-Ashby

Social Media Coordinator

"Slowly turning my room into a jungle with each plant I buy."

Billy Bao


"I'm a huge fan of pixel art and am learning how to draw it!"

Breanna Lalonde

Director, Marketing

"I’m watching all the Star Trek series/movies for the first time, in chronological order! So far, I’ve made it to Season 2 of Deep Space Nine. "

Christine Langille

Senior Designer

"I was a figure skater for 21 years!"

Ciera Bisch

Social Media Coordinator

"One of my favourite things to do is dance. I grew up dancing at Carousel Dance Centre in Waterloo ON!"

Debra Langan


Dhara Chauhan

Merchandise Coordinator

"My favourite comfort go-to TV shows are Friends and Modern Family. "

Dylan Langan

Executive Director

"I like disco way more than opera."

Emma Verdonk

Educator Suite Coordinator

"I'm bilingual. My second language is Dutch, but I've never actually been to the Netherlands. "

Gorika Mehta

Outreach Coordinator

"Some of my favourite things to do are exploring different cultures, meeting new people, and finding excitement in every day!"

James Chapeskie

Video Coordinator

"I put on light shows in my backyard for my friends and family to watch!"

Jorge Trabanco

Symmetry Program Coordinator

"I'm a board game designer and a former Brazilian swimming champion."

Kennedy Dale-Johnson

Director, Arts

"I love the fibre arts. Ask me about knitting, crocheting or hand spinning yarn and I will talk for hours. "

Nancy Pham

Tech Initiative Coordinator

"Prior to the pandemic, I lived in seven different cities in five years!"

Lovekirandeep Kaur

Media Relations Coordinator

"I love travelling. I travel every chance I get. My dream is to go on a world tour!"

Rachel Arseneau

Music Coordinator

"Since the start of the pandemic, I've been really into crocheting!"

Rebecca Chapeskie

Music Coordinator

"I like hamsters, dark chocolate, and Handel."

Roland Kessler

Director, Community Engagement

"I fell in love with opera as a direct cause of making rap music for fun for three years!"

RJ Johnston

Podcast Coordinator

Safa Al-Sammarraie

Designer (Internal)

"I love long walks in nature and different cultures and traditions. Brown sugar milk boba is the king of drinks - none of those Starbucks drinks please! "

Samantha Nemec

Content Writer

"I'm a Mario Kart champion and self-proclaimed gourmet home chef. I am also passionate about connecting our community through it's social infrastructure!"

Tahnee Hipel

Marketing Strategist

"I was on Romper Room when I was a wee little Tahnee, and have written a digital marketing book!"

Zach Daza

Senior Music Coordinator

"I was raised playing Asteroids, Space Invaders and Wonder Boy on my dad's old laptop. I still have a love for video games - particularly the older ones!"


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