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The Evolution of our Values

Five years into our journey as Vera Causa Opera, we knew that we could do more to support the arts in our community. A lot has changed during our transition to Fuse – our values and mission have grown to be a revolutionary force, allowing for more opportunities than ever before. Let’s take a look at the evolution of Fuse’s mission and values, and how we’re striving to innovate the arts!

Accessibility: It's our Mission!

Accessibility is the root of Fuse’s mission. As Vera Causa Opera, we focused on providing our community with opera-based opportunities and accessible shows. This has since evolved to include all disciplines in the inter-arts, and more opportunities for artists. We’re also making it more accessible to experience our artists’ work. From donate-what-you-can programming fees to our open-access, fully digital library of content, we’re breaking the barriers to enjoying the arts!

We Thrive on Innovation

Vera Causa Opera transformed opera in Waterloo Region by producing modern translations and performances, breaking down traditional barriers, and focusing on artist participation and empowerment. Fuse is taking this a step further by embracing inventive ways to innovate the arts. We’re using digital technologies to remove location barriers so our volunteers can join an opera or help create Education content from anywhere. We’re also introducing Artificial Intelligence to better connect our team and a new democratic structure to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and ideas are brought to life!

Fuse is More Inclusive than Ever Before!

Inclusivity makes us thrive. As Vera Causa Opera, we were limited to one art form. As Fuse, we’ve opened the door to so many more artists and opportunities. All are welcome at Fuse - we offer a barrier-free environment, with opportunities for artists and

operations volunteers regardless of background or experience level. It’s this inclusivity that allows us to be a one-of-a-kind, inter-arts collective.

Support is Key

Vera Causa Opera regularly partnered with and supported local businesses, arts groups and community organizations. Fuse is building on this mutual support by working together with local partners and members through our Fuse Group, a two-way partnership initiative aimed at increasing community connection. We’re also working with local arts groups to support our future programming, like our collaborative production of Cinderella, and our local dance group features! Our success as VCO and our evolution to Fuse is owed to these organizations, and the patrons who supported our shows and artists.


What can you expect next? We’re always growing to meet the needs of artists and partners in our community with more opportunities, inter-arts programming, and innovate collaborations.

Like what you’re hearing and want to get involved with Fuse? Click here to join our team of volunteers or be a part of our artist collective, Fuse Crew!

More interested in our programming? Not a problem! Click here to explore our inter-arts programs and opportunities!


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