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Fuse Programming!

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Part of what makes Fuse new and exciting is our revamped goals of making the arts more accessible. We’ve created new programming that supports this mission. Fuse is also dedicated to reaching more audiences, offering inter-arts opportunities to more than ever before! We’re excited to announce our new programming lineup.

Educator Suite

The Educator Suite provides fun and accessible music education content to educators. The online video platform for school boards across North America strengthens music curriculums through engaging and educational content. With online learning expected to continue to be a part of most schools in the near-future, this is a great resource for educators to help promote arts in a virtual setting.

Speak! (Spoken Word) - September 2021

Join us at your local pub for a unique evening of spoken word poetry and jazz! Speak is a family-friendly event with no cover. Sign up to speak in advance on our website.

Learn to Dance Night - October 2021

Come and learn how to dance with an experienced dance instructor in a fun, group setting! Some basic moves and varied styles will be chosen by Georgie, our instructor. Participants will be taught the moves in the first half of the event, while the second half will be devoted to enjoying the music and the movement.

Cooking with Fuse - November 2021

We're putting a spotlight on a local restaurant, their history and their culture. A member of Fuse will learn how to cook a traditional dish at a local restaurant. Afterward, as they eat what they have created, the Fuse member will interview them on their background, history, culture, etc.

The Sugarmakers – March 2022

Catch our world-premiere of The Sugarmakers, our Canadian film adaptation of The Gondoliers by Gilbert and Sullivan. It's 1935, and the King of England has died. His only heir was hidden away in Canada, being raised as a Sugarmaker on a maple syrup farm in Bloomingdale, Ontario. Anxious to ensure their daughter is installed as Queen of England, The Duke and Duchess of Spain set out to find the English heir, aided by the Prime Minister of Canada.

Cinderella - June 2022

Take a step into fantasy with our latest opera move, Cinderella. Based on the classic "Cinderella" story, Cenerentola lives with her domineering, poverty-stricken stepfather and two stepsisters. After falling in love with a beggar, the prince in disguise, she gives him one of her bracelets, telling him he must seek her out if they are to get married. The next day, the prince sets out, intent on finding his bride. This beautiful film will be shot across the region and is a must-see!

Symmetry - July 2022

A wellness-focused program that provides developmental and networking opportunities, life and career skills, and foundational opera experiences to propel a singer's journey.

Nightshade - July 2022

Turn it up to 11 with a roaring night of dance at Nightshade, Fuse's pop-up club, featuring a super special guest. Nightshade, the club, will have a secret featured artist and location in the Waterloo Region that are revealed to registrants 24 hours before the event. Can't make it? Dance at home via our livestream.

Roller Disco - August 2022

Grab your wheels and get funky! Roller Disco is a free night of dancing, roller skating, and rollerblading.


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