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Behind the Creation of Symmetry

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

"VCO is a welcoming space to spread your wings as an artist. You're able to develop your craft in a supportive environment, meet wonderful people, and perform in meaningful settings."

- Lauren Halasz, Mezzo-Soprano

We are proud to announce that Symmetry,

our development program for artists, is here!

The program is the culmination of five years of exploration into what a modern-day artist needs to succeed in the industry.

With Symmetry, we knew we couldn't just provide

a positive artistic experience - we needed to offer

a unique and positive life experience. For VCO, that meant going beyond the standard program regiment

of training all-day, every day. We built Symmetry based on feedback from singers and instructors,

both those in school and active professionals.

We found the gaps that exist in traditional programs and created solutions to address them.

Here's what we came up with:

When you live well, you sing well. We incorporated consultations, meal and fitness plans, and the chance to work alongside registered dieticians and personal trainers, into the program. Groceries are purchased and provided to participants, who will be cooking alongside others in a communal and supportive environment. This holistic lens and these program elements uniquely refocus the program to center around an idea of personal health wellbeing.

Artistry; reaching that next level. Providing game-changing opportunities to artists has always been the focus of VCO, and Symmetry is no exception. Participants will star in the Canadian Opera Fest recordings of July 2021, providing valuable experiences including working with an orchestra, with new music, and in a professional environment. Technical training is critical to developing artists, which is why participants get daily vocal lessons and coachings.

Acknowledging the gaps. The hardest part of graduation is realizing that succeeding in the opera industry requires more experience than what school can offer. That's why participants of Symmetry will attend eight (8) professional seminars and workshops to help prepare life after graduation and a career in opera. They'll learn about personal branding, leadership, engaging modern audiences in opera, and so much more.

An experience to remember. At Symmetry, it's about teamwork and collaboration. That's why we have team-building excursions, the chance to dabble in other skills through inter-arts sessions, and simple activities like cooking together that build community and connection.

Never empty-handed. By the end of Symmetry, participants will receive twelve (12) professional photos, copies of their repertoire recordings with piano, and the Canadian Opera Fest recordings with orchestra. Armed with a new-found confidence in themselves and their abilities, participants will have the resources and skills they need to continue to grow and succeed in the business of opera.

Symmetry will be running July 9 - July 25, 2021

in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. We can't wait to see you there! Be sure to download the complete information package below.

Symmetry - Vera Causa Opera Information
Download • 46.21MB

Register for Symmetry at


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