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Vera Causa Opera High School Workshop at St. Anne's Catholic Secondary School

Earlier this month, Education Outreach Coordinator Greer Schatz and Artistic Director Dylan Langan brought a VCO High School Workshop to St. Anne's Catholic Secondary School.

The workshop, Opera 101, was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the students. Greer and Dylan would like to thank the students for being so fun with, and open to, opera. To have VCO bring a workshop to your class, please email Greer Schatz. Check out some more photos from the workshop below!

Greer and Dylan announce the main event...

From the student production of Ukrainian Famine (2017)

From the student production of Where are my keys? (2017)

Brainstorming session for Where are my keys? (2017)

A group warmup never hurts!

Greer sings Voi che sapete accompanied by Dylan.

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