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Meet David Guitard | Canadian Music Week 2017

Today's featured Canadian musician is singer/songwriter David Guitard. Remember if you donate this week 50% of funds will go directly to the artists and donations of $50 or more are eligible for tax receipts! Click here to donate:

I'm David Guitard, a Canadian Signed Professional Musician. I had my 1st retail album 'ONE' released May 1st, 2013 by Asylum Productions. I have also done some work as AMG's A & R Specialist & Scouting Manager. Under my own management, I was able to help other artists and learn about promoting, marketing, and much more. I was in transition for a few months after the closer of AMG, and became signed to 'Evolution Inc.' out of Chicago. I wasn't new to music, started singing on stage at 5 years old.

I have been Influenced by many spectacular artists through the years: Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, Bob Dillon, and my favorite Canadian band, The Tragically Hip. My fingerpicking makes my genre of folk/pop/rock different. I was an Indie artist for over nine years & also now professionally for over four years. After a severe head injury in 2003, I dedicated my life to music. I have persevered since that time, through many extremely difficult situations, and I have been wholly devoted to working on my 'craft' – my singing and playing sounding better with each day. Now, almost 14 years after my Injury I'm proud to say I've achieved what I have, and I also have helped others. I have 265,000+ fans throughout my social media I continue to feel blessed & loved, reply to comments, posts & expressions of how they love my music, videos & me. Even though I've one of the toughest careers I don't worry about how/where my life will go. – I am a musician at heart! I plan to do this the rest of my life for myself, family, friends & fans.

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