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Want to join in the fun of creating an opera movie? Well now's your chance! 

Fuse will be filming "Orpheus in the Underworld" from May 27th-June 3rd in Waterloo Region! Get on the big screen as an extra, or volunteer on our production crew.


Fuse Crew

Join as an artist  

The Fuse Crew consists of the people who make our organization so inclusive and dynamic - in-house artists. The Fuse Crew program connects like-minded folks and offers them a platform to make an impact on the arts! In addition to our inclusive, multi-arts programs, Fuse and its members strive to support our communities and local businesses. 

Lauren Halasz, Stage Director

Fuse is a welcoming space to spread your wings as an artist. You're able to develop your craft in a supportive environment, meet wonderful people, and perform in meaningful productions

Tracey Johnston-Aldworth,

Traces Screen Printing

When you support the arts, you affect culture, because the thing that changes culture and
effects trends is art.

Fuse Group

For individuals, businesses, and partner organizations, join by donating or offering discounts through your business 

The Fuse Group is a program that connects local businesses with members of the Fuse community. As a member of the Fuse Group, partnered businesses provide discounts and special offers to fellow Fuse Group Members. The Fuse Group aims to connect members of the public to local businesses, building mutual support and community connections! 

Fuse Team

Volunteer with us

The Fuse Team is a collective of energetic, dedicated volunteers collaborating to bring the Fuse vision to life. Our operations volunteers and the Board of Directors work together to deliver exceptional programs, events, and content that brings our community together. 

Zach Daza, Director of Programming

Fuse has really changed my life. It has opened up a whole world for me that I never knew existed.

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Want to rep your love for Fuse?

You’ve come to the right place!

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