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Behind-the-Scenes of Canadian Opera Fest!

Our cast, crew and orchestra are busy rehearsing for our June premieres of Canadian-Croatian opera, Padajuća Zvijezda by Julijana Hajdinjak and The Covenant by Dylann Miller.

Set in a celestial kingdom, Padajuća Zvijezda is a Croatian tale of two lovers living in a world where love has become outlawed. The punishment for those who love is banishment to Earth- a dishonourable world lacking the beauty of the galaxy. An opera of passion, justice and optimism, Padajuća Zvijezda explores the power of human emotion and how it can change the world.

Witches, lesbians, priests, and mailmen- The Covenant is an opera about empowering women to embrace their true selves from the perspective of a teenage girl in a small town.

The operas run June 22nd at Knox Presbyterian Church in Waterloo and June 23rd at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts. Doors @ 6pm, Shows @ 7pm.

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